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Four-shaft shredder GZ 30 - 50

Long and oversized wood waste Trouble-free shredding

GZ series four-shaft shredders are ideal to shred and recycle very long and oversized wood waste such as mature timber, long boards, pallets, packaging, and cardboard of any kind. Four-shaft shredders are mainly used in the wood processing industry.


Cutting and clearing plates

Drive motors

Screen with secondary crusher bars

Cutting shafts (schematic)

Cutter (schematic)


Materials are fed through the hopper of the four-shaft shredder to the cutter. The ripping teeth of the cutting discs powerfully grab and shred the material.
The clearing plates push the shredded material through the clearance between the main cutters.
The material is then discharged through the screen below the cutter.
Depending on the composition of the material to be shredded and the diameter of the holes in the screen that is used, the throughput rate ranges from 300 to 2,000 kg/h. Because of the shafts' extremely low rotational speed of about 25 rpm, sound level is only about 76 dB(A). The machines are equipped with automatic overload protection and a reverse switch.


GZ with extraction

GZ filled with different materials

Screen with different perforation

Waste from furniture manufacturing

Hardwood waste

Mixed waste

Broken-down pallets

Technische Daten:

GZ 30 GZ 30 S GZ 40 GZ 50
Hoopper opening (mm): 1.000 x 1.250 1.000 x 1.400 1.300 x 1.400 1.500 x 1.400
Working width x length (mm): 462 x 562 462 x 700 760 x 700 990 x 700
Disc-Ø (mm): 235 280 280 280
Motor power (kW): 2x5,5; 2x7,5; 2x11 2x11; 2x15; 2x18,5 2x11; 2x15; 2x18,5 2x11; 2x15; 2x18,5
Throughput: depenting on material composition and diameter of holes in the screen
Screen-Ø 20 mm (kg/h): 300 - 500 500 - 800 600 - 1.200 800 - 1.500
Screen-Ø 40 mm (kg/h): 500 - 800 600 - 1.000 800 - 1.500 1.000 - 2.000
Suction piece-Ø (mm): 200 mm 200 mm 200 mm 200 mm
Weight (approx. kg): 1.300 2.150 2.500 3.000