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GROSS Briquetting press for shavings, wood dust and wood chips type GP 400 M

>Briquetting press type GP 400 M for shavings, wood dust and wood chips
GP 400 M with chip turner and feed screw
Economical briquetting technology, reliable and powerful

The GROSS briquetting presses with their flexible application possibilities can produce briquettes from all kinds of wood materials with low bulk density, for example from sawdust, chipping chips or shavings. Thanks to sophisticated technology, these materials can be economically converted into compact briquettes and achieve an enormous volume reduction. Thanks to efficient equipment, the GROSS briquetting presses can also be used optimally in the area of the briquetting of paper and paper dust, polystyrene, light metal or similar materials.
>Briquetting press type GP 400 M for shavings, wood dust and wood chips
GP 400 M with option agitator and chip container
Briquetting press type GP 400 M for shavings, wood dust and wood chips

Suitable materials: softwood wood shavings, dust & wood chips
Residual moisture of the material: Residual moisture max. 17%
Dimensions of the material: Max. 10 mm +/- 2mm
Material characteristics: loose, clean and free from foreign substances
Material feed: Via conveyor belt or conveyor screw GROSS
Nominal throughput: Up to max. 3000 kg / day
Machine running time up to max. 10 h / day running time


Oil Cooling: Maintains oil at constant operating temperature, prevents overheating of the hydraulic components

Pressing unit: Extremely high material density Closed die, also hardened available

PLC control: Siemens control guarantees good usability and energy-efficient briquetting

Weighing system: Controls movement sequences of the cylinder and the die, prevents jamming

Hydraulic: axial piston pump, drive by energy efficient engine, separate oil tank, with cooling

Practical example

Briquetting press GP 400 M in cooperation with a GAZ / GHM crushing plant - pre-comminution by a single-shaft crusher - post-comminution with a cutting mill for the preparation of the material to be pressed.

End product Wood briquettes

Packing of wooden briquettes

Wooden briquettes wrapped on pallet

Briquette transport rail

Technical specification GP 400 M

Main dimensions (L x B x H): approx. 1.800 x 1.800 x 1.900 mm
Drive power: 30 kW
Briquette dimensions: 150 x 60 bis 95 mm
Hydraulic oil: approx. 900 l
Ambient temperature: +5°C till 45°C
Throughput: from till max. 400 kg/h*
Painting: GROSS Standard RAL 5017 / 7016
Power consumption: 400 V +/- 5% / 50 Hz
Weight: approx. 4.200 kg

* The throughput is strongly material-dependent. Average values are given
* Depending on mixing ratio and moisture content!

Including single components briquetting press GP 400 M

  • Pressing mechanics with filling cylinder, press cylinder, matrix cylinder
  • Hydraulic tank approx. 900 l with pump motor + valve control
  • Worm channel, discharge worm + motor
  • Base frame with rubber feet
  • Control cabinet, degree of protection IP54
  • Electrical control Siemens S7-1200 with Control Touch Panel 600
  • Hydraulic oil cooling
  • Safety switch for oil temperature
  • Oil level switch
  • Automatic end position of all cylinders
  • Manual control
  • Container 1400 x 1400 mm